Best & Worst Dressed Met Gala 2019 (Dirty Laundry)


Y’all picture tents because you bring a camp to the Met Gala what is camp exactly Emil yes The Met Gala, I feel like it is the most wonderful time of the year Honestly, I could go to this over the Oscars over the Grammys over my own wedding I choose the Met Gala because this is the one thing especially This year where I feel like we’re the most outrageous looks can’t wait. I can’t wait. This is your first time watching clever style We talk about fashion all the time. So you should really subscribe right now. Hit the bell Oh My gosh, there is no mecca this year without lady gaga The MEK gaga see this is what camp is this is what camp is first of all Ghana has a team, of course It’s a theatrical show This is what I call like a full production like this is actually like how many people were hired in order us to bring this? Like this look to life.

I hope they paid her because this was basically an art performance. This is Lady Gaga at her Finest really without music literally I could I could listen to all of her songs in my head And watch this performance and they sync up she is living her full bliss. She came out of her mom To for this moment. This is it Gaga is camp. Of course. She’s literally especially old-school Gaga. Listen, she was camp. She did the meat dress She did she was the pure definition of camp. She had to remind everybody She was like camp is me, which I think is why she’s the co-chair this year. You wouldn’t expect anything less from Lady Gaga I mean a star is born right there at the Oh my god I Would never be able this off, but honestly, this is exactly what Matt gallo should be Yes, like you shouldn’t even have any sort of reservations So whatever you feel speaks to you, and we know Gaga and I actually kind of missed this guy. Thank you I think it’s like in the years previous the theme has been a little too safe Like this is like full out full on I’m here for it.

It’s so good. Nobody puts on a show Melinda Morrow changes clothes multiple times and then ends up make it with those bomb or look or Looks drew I don’t thinks gonna get better than this living her better. How could it how could it she is camp? Personified exactly. She’s the definition of camp Gaga did it we’re done It’s over an esteemed chair of the Met Gala and Serena Williams get that crown, darling Serena Williams Wayne Queen Queen. This is the best I’ve ever seen her. Look Yeah, honestly, like we see her in these incredible tennis outfits, which only she can rock Let’s be honest, but this is like the best best.

Look she’s ever rocked and those butterflies. Is it butterflies? It looks like butterflies, but also looks like leaves Oh Poison ivy poison Yeah, so as much as I do actually like this pattern and love the color I just wish there was just a little bit more structure to the dress cuz right now I don’t know if it’s a dress with a cape or a cape dress or a giant skirt with the top like I actually can’t tell What this is you don’t I’m saying it is it can be confusing I was interested to see everybody’s Interpretation of camp and this is definitely different but I’m here for it.

The thing would camp you can’t go wrong How can you write it’s really just all the met galas wrapped into one. It’s just being extra It’s being extra like his blurring line what you think isn’t normal isn’t normal and I think she’s a Nike ambassador Isn’t she so that makes sense wearing Nike shoes matching the color of her dress. She’s getting that cash y’all. Mm-hmm I should have taken a note from her because these are killing me Ain’t no one told you bare pointed toe still but they’re so cute. I’m Harry Styles, Harry Harry, he’s another co-chair. He did bold bold and very into it This is so artistic. This is so Met Gala He’s like the type of person that I feel like was born for the Met Gala Yeah, like he’s always been extremely fashionable And even in his One Direction dates from the very beginning you could tell that he had a very specific Style and he’s always, you know shown that so I this isn’t surprised me at all. He looks absolutely incredible I want to know the story behind this like I want to know the thought process I want to know what his fitting look like like this is incredible and what I love about this whole camp thing is it’s you’re blurring the lines between Masculine and feminine and you really just it really is about being extra what we are every single day He looks better than any of us could ever look in that outfit.

This is so not what I expected I love this. I love that. He’s wearing an earring. Yes, I love but he has heels on. Yes. I love the Judging that you spot the nipples though the nipples good. I love a nipple He said nipples on the runway darling nipples on the runway. Are those his real tattoos? I thought you gonna say are those real nipples. The tattoos are good. The tattoos are good it coming through the shirt Yes sheer like top that you can see all of his No, we didn’t know we needed this but we needed this look oh me oh, yes I just found out that the thing about his legs called pussy boy pussy Pussy bow and we just say it all the time pussy bone So grown We all get surprised when we see her in events like this, but she’s legit been going to the Met Gala for several years Yeah, and she kills it every time not surprising.

She looks like a desert I do like how unique it is I mean, it’s not my favorite outlook of the night, but I still I still love it. I really do she was amazing I loved a little ball to kind of look like a big dangly earring her purse and then I love this abstract What are those feathers I mean? It’s campy and it’s fun and it’s ridiculous. And that’s what it should be. But like good luck getting through the crowd, you know That is a pocket, that’s more like a satchel Prize in the back. I mean, I love that ponytail though I’m obsessed with this ponytail the ponytail has Everything I want to know who wrapped it and how do I get the 10-man I did it I can do it for you I still love this. It’s crazy. It’s weird. But like in the best way possible Oh M J what is that what are we even looking at? I don’t even know what what’s going on light me up Katie Oh my Wow Hmm. This is cute.

I mean this is camp at its finest. This is Katy Perry She is dressed as like a character from Beauty and the Beast come to life It’s like Lumiere on steroids be All I know is see a better be there and she better swing from this shit because she doesn’t use miss opportunity But I will say if it’s a little like too costume. I was literally those were gonna be my exact words This is frosting not even crossing. Just teetering on the line of camp and constant This is everything Everything this is camp. This is another one like good luck getting through the crowd because something’s gonna break. I’m very into it I’m very concerned with how she’s going to sit how she’s going to interact with other people Although if you don’t like crowds, this is one way to keep your safe space safe smart I don’t actually think this is a pose this thing I think this is the only thing she can do with their arms at them at the moment.

There’s nothing functional about this dress It’s all about fashion darling when they were going through like the creative process What do you think they were saying like? Okay, we want to do something fun for Katy. She was like I wanted to be lit That dress lit up that dress is a lip. Oh my god Literal princess Cinderella, oh my gosh. She’s lighting up on me. She’s legit lady Oh, there’s an electrical current – going through the fabric from the headband to the dress to the little Carriage purse. Yeah, I feel like she’s redefining what a Cinderella could look like in 2019 So here for it. I love that. It is so verbatim Cinderella’s dress Yeah, I think there’s no denying that that was the inspiration for this.

This is what you do like This is how you show up and for her to always she always has a good moment, though She always is perfect and her hair. It looks Cinderella it’s so good and it’s such a contrast from last week because she was like Joan of Arc really like Edgy and now she’s like a princess This is so much more than fashion like this entire arrival wasn’t a touching moment This is an art piece. Yeah, this girl is not going to be cleaning up any floors anytime soon It’s just it’s like the words escape me, you know, so our Riverdale babes a Lilly Reinhardt and Cole Sprouse Of course there on the carpet including all the cast of Riverdale They’re all there but these two were standouts for us mostly because they look like they’re fresh out of the Hunger Games I love the top half of her completely agree giving me Marie Antoinette by yes 1800s Queen Yeah, a very regal royal Something I completely loved the face.

I love that she went there I like the jewelry. And then as soon as we started, in fact, I even like this half of the dress It’s just something that lost for me Yeah About his outfit. It kind of feels like a Mickey Mouse or something to me, but I’m into it I mean at the Met Gala Anything goes like I could wear this and you could wear that and we like both are trendy or something fitting and his hair I’m like I need a little finger wave darling. Yeah the hair I love so much I just don’t know what it it’s like I’m just not sure what’s happening here. But like it doesn’t mean I don’t like it I like it a lot.

I’m just confused that still like it They’re definitely like in some type of play like production, you know? Yeah, but I don’t think that it’s like Yeah Okay. So this is a wee bit of a controversial look It’s she’s holding a hit. He’s hit his head stop Stop when I was looking up camp and trying to figure out like exactly what it was I was reading all these different things and they Was an example of a Gucci runaway from a couple years ago where they had like the severed head and the models were going down The runway with their severed heads So the fact that he chose this part of the camp theme is really everything and he’s in a full dress. Oh my god Honestly, like this is just terrifying to me everything about this scares me. I love the outfit I just wish she wasn’t holding a head. I don’t know how it fits in with the camp theme We’re talking like camp like where you’re like outfit in the woods and like over a campfire Yeah, but we’re talking like can’t be I think campy.

I just think it is so ridiculous I go straight man. Like show. What is that? What is that Shakespeare? Yes Literature people. Give me like some nice fashion choices I’m sorry. I keep going back to the hand cuz the outfits incredible. I love the dress We can’t really see the shoes, which that’s fine You think he’s wearing heels probably but what I love is they even got the detailing of his beard and everything? Just perfect like if he showed up in just a regular suit, I would be so mad Like he’s holding his own head in his hand I’m like give it to me But can you imagine what happens inside when you’ve got this head how much fun everyone’s gonna have with this head this jared leto head That’s just getting gonna get tossed around the pot Oh tossed around to Shawn Mendes.

Hello. Shawn Mendes. Oh my baby daddy loves Hawn is such a classy James look at him. He’s acting like he just handed him a Subway sandwich So beautiful even though his outfit is not really doing much for me his hair I haven’t seen his hair like that he looks He looks good OMG G. Oh That’s good. Oh, oh GG you better come through Rocket Man mountain top man. This is Gigi Hadid. She looks incredible There’s so much happening here. I also worry that she’s really worn.

I think Oh hot. Yeah I mean I would have liked to see some skin because she’s got that betting buddy But she does look like she is about to fly to Mars or something She took it to the next level to the next level. There’s feathers. She’s giving me flash She’s given me oh, do you see the like shear gloves swinish your glove? I got the memo darling I got this is amazing I love this those eyelashes. I live I mean, no eyelashes look like they could potentially poke her in the eyes. They look really dangerous So this eyelash thing also seems to be like a trend this year. This is crazy. This is amazing This almost looks like painting like she basically is a work of art in motion. I mean she always is Is the next level for ggd, and this outfit is like unisex like I could wear that Kim kardashian-west Her dress matches her tan. Yes face is pools. She got the new face and she’s showing it off. I love it Are we sure because this for sure looks like a dress that she’s worn before that she just clip accessories on top of Years ago like she did cuz that’s latex and she’s worn a lot of latex It’s like plastic It’s so yeah, it is I was gonna ask what the material of this dress is because it looked latex, right? It looks like latex to me, but it’s also like like such a thin latex and it’s kind of sheer but I mean, can you just get her waist in proportion to her butt like Almost unreal, that’s all And literally looks like she is a mermaid who came out of the water to ruin your life.

You know what I’m saying? Like she’s gonna steal your husband Whoa, whoa, I see from this angle. I completely understand. This is like her and a normal dress you aware And that’s rain that’s freaking arranged. He’s wet. She’s wet. Uh-huh. It’s wet. She’s wet. So those are drops on a raindrop Here’s the thing Kim Kardashian nails the wet look better than anyone else I have tried it myself and I just look like a wind off So it’s really hard to pull off a wet look and she definitely looks like she’s fresh from like the car wash I came in from the construction job in Here. I am like, you know, what is he wearing? What is he not wearing? He looks like he’s going to the gym Trying to be there like, why’d you drag me to this again? I did the one time when I put those contacts in for you buddy doing this guy rolled out of bed it was like we going where if Bert and Ernie grew up and then like maybe Transitioned I feel like this is what they look like. Oh my god Yes again with the little mermaid thing going on here.

But like this is more like flamenco salsa This is how you wear something different, but you coordinated the same freaking time. This is incredible Everything just works. So well together. It’s like fire and ice like bad and good. It’s like This is really stunning. They have so bomb together Kendall looks like flames Made out of feathers. Yep, and Kylie’s giving me real Jessica Rabbit vibes, but like a purple version. It’s like a little Kim This is one hot family. Oh, yeah, this is good. I love they have their men like no Kanye go stand back. I feel all color-coordinated No, they for sure like they’re definitely going into a theme Kanye looks like he’s sleep back there But other than that like everything’s great miss Christian, er, what is happening with that hair? That is a bad way That is a bad way a little looks like he is laid on the top of her head Chris and their boyfriend over there I need to recognize Chris you wearing a jumpsuit Cory and Travis Scott though.

They both look great Laurie looks so hot Scott’s worth something weird thing, but I like it I would love to say north girl on that 15 years and we’re only a whole new generation of Canadian jokers I want to know I mean, what were your favorites this year? Do I get to choose multiple? Sure. Okay. I will say Runner-up all night. I’m just gonna do two runner-up. It’s Kim just because I feel like I had an epiphany During this moment where I figured out what it was and that’s very I’m very proud of that and the winner, okay Okay I was gonna say I was gonna say did you forget the winner is Lady Gaga for me only because The fact that she came and served Multiple looks not one. Not two not three, but four and Baird that body that was snatched For me definitely Gaga. Yeah, I got and Gigi Hadid. Oh, yes killed it. I’m here for that killed it. Oh my god It’s so hard to choose but I love what Lady Gaga did on the carpet like having all the transitions.

She was like Metamorphosis seeing is that the right word and I love cardi B We didn’t cover cardi B today, but she was wearing something that I couldn’t tell Was it a mattress was it was it like blood like a lot like a blood platelet? I have just say kendall Jenner might be my favorite just because she looked So hot and I mean it like as far as like a flame like she looks like you couldn’t even touch her She looked like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Yeah, I don’t know that she’s ever looked better in her whole life So I have to give it to kendall Jenner. She really stole my heart tonight at the Met Gala Okay, so I loved cardi B She came she literally covered the entire like lobby area of the red carpet in her dress like it was stunning stunning So good and it was like the color of like blood like a blood red It was so like she’s the amorous yet kind of Gothic.

I loved it Um, I know you also loved this next look, but we didn’t talk about here But Lupita Nyong’o looks unbelievable. The gold picks in her hair alone were just like to me I think she perfectly embodied camp and She’s just still so glamorous. It’s so regal, too She always looks like very elegant and I love that guys is a wrap on 2019 Met Gala dirty laundry my feet really hurt by the way They look great. Thank you. You guys you all look great everyone who came to the Met Gala? Yes, who are your favorites? Let us know who we missed Comment section below also make sure you subscribe hit that Bell for notification So you can come back here every single time during laundry’s posting.

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