Emergency warning issued for bushfire near Penrith



October 04, 2019 16:29:16

An emergency warning has been issued for a bushfire burning at Castlereagh near Penrith, as weather conditions worsen on a hot dry day in Sydney.

Latest RFS updates:

  • Fire Trail Road, Castlereagh, Penrith: The bushfire is burning in the area of Devlin Road, moving in a north-westerly direction. People in the area of Tickner Street, Devlin Road and Richards Road have been told to seek shelter.
  • Coopers Road, Red Range, Glenn Innes: A watch and act alert has been issued for an out-of-control bushfire burning across 100 hectares.
  • Whipbird Drive, Ashby Heights, Clarence Valley: A watch and act alert has been issued for an out-of-control fire on Whipbird Drive, burning across 5 hectares.

It is believed fires have swept through gardens, but no structures have been affected at this stage.

About 100 firefighters had been working at the site, assisted by waterbombing aircraft.

Despite earlier warnings that conditions were easing, the situation was escalated to emergency level about 3:45pm.

Due to a wind change, conditions have fuelled fire activity in the north-western part of the fire, threatening homes.

The out-of-control bushfire is burning in Devlin Road in a north-westerly direction towards Tickner Street and Richards Road.

People in areas around Tickner Street, Devlin Road and Richards Road have been advised to seek shelter.

For more information about the New South Wales bushfires, listen live to ABC Local Radio in your area:

The NSW Rural Fire Service said strong south-easterly winds could blow embers ahead of the fire, threatening homes before the main fire front hits.

Residents have been warned by emergency alert text messages.

The forecast for Penrith on Friday was for temperatures of up to 34 degrees with winds reaching 40kph.

Winds are expected to drop to about 15kph later this afternoon, with some light rain forecast which should aid firefighters.

Elsewhere in northern NSW, watch and act alerts have been issued for two out-of-control fires at Red Range, Glenn Innes and Ashby Heights in the Clarence Valley.





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