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We are back with our special series stress less today with April being national stress stress Awareness Month or that’s right nearly 8 in 10 Americans say they feel stress in their daily lives the most common sources the future of our nation work money health and the current political climate well here with some tips to help us combat those frustrating feelings the one and only dr. Deepak Chopra he is of course a world renowned leader in alternative medicine a best-selling author of more than eighty-five books with 15 million social media followers and if that’s not enough it’s coming out with a new podcast it’s called daily breath to help us chill out in five minutes or less like that dr. Chopra always good to have a thank you thank you for warning are so calming I mean you’ve got 12 jobs how do you stay stress-free how do you reduce the stress stresses the perception of a threatening thought and if you don’t identify with it and there’s no stress there’s no such thing as peace of mind there’s that’s an oxymoron peace is when there is absence of mind absence of thought so how is it just you train your brain like if there’s chaos around you and you sort of want to keep calm how do you do that you get in touch with your core being which is prior to thought I can show you how to do it oh yeah like that walk us through some tips here these are things that folks at home will be able to do as well so right now look at me mm-hmm focus eyes and now instead of looking at me be aware of the space in which we are right now in this space have a vague awareness of your own body and everything else happening but basically soften your eyes and be in this space your mind is right now silent hmm isn’t it yeah I was so focused and then software is focused and that’s after I do that three four times a day oh okay there’s also a tip involving the nostril and breathing yeah so when you alternate breathing through nostrils you activate both sides of the brain and you synchronize both side you can do this very simply and let me show you how put your hands in your armpits and take a deep breath in to the count of four slowly slowly oh and then exhale to the count of four why hands here wide okay now you switch so you take lower hand and you put it at the upper hand was before and once you switch and repeat the same process arms are sweaty repeat the same process sorry but so now you’re activating different nostrils and different hemispheres of the brain just by order but count to four on the inhale and then count to four on the exhale so this is alternate nostril it’s the arm what is this doing it’s bringing your heart rate down it’s it’s it’s a little bit stressful waiting stimulates a nerve in the body called the vagal nerve the vagal nerve is so called because it’s related to the English word Bagga bond it goes everywhere yeah when you stimulate that big enough everything slows down your heart rate slows down heart rate variability increases breathing slows down you feel relaxed right now the world is on what we call sympathetic overdrive right which means too much stress the opposite is parasympathetic nervous system I have anxiety an anxiety disorder and panic live talked about and when I interact with people they all asked me on social media or if they meet me what works we are an anxious society I’ve used a technique called a muscle tension relaxation that’s rice like to tense up like this and then I let go and as I’m letting go and I feel the tingling I’m trying to reprogram my mind to settings– yes right and that’s what we did in a way when we focused and then relaxed with the eyes what else do you say to people who are watching who are just so anxious every day the purpose of our existence is to maximize the experience of innate joy and happiness to maximize our capacity for love to unleash our creative potential and to be healthy if we remember that everything else got some fake grass here in the studio because we wanted to show folks at home another technique that you’ve also talked about well when you take off your shoes Oda and socks and just walk on the grass or what’s at the root of this grounding yourself learning is that so what you could walk on the grass or the BSG on the ground yeah and what comes happens is negative ions come from the earth into your body neutralize the accessory radicals that build up every day as a result of stress inflammation goes down even more important by connecting with the earth directly you reset your biological rhythms so this is a good thing to do huh when you sunny had an accident over what is the actual definition of that meditation is to go to the source of thought and beyond thought so these days there are many ways to do it mindful awareness of any experience when you’re fully present in the moment to whatever experience you’re having that’s a form of meditation but also self reflection Who am I what do I want what’s my purpose what makes me grateful and ultimately the ways to transcend through mantra practice to go beyond thought you never get angry yourself do you find yourself like traffic in LA wanting to scream and yell it’s a waste of energy so you don’t even go there you’re this tranquil and calm every day all day Wow vibrant what about our phones do they get in a way you know our schedule so I schedules social media time and phone time and like I scheduled meditation time or exercise a more healthy relationship time Wow he is going to be with Hoda and Jenna tomorrow by the way to talk about building a successful team and we’re also gonna have more ways to stress less all week including how your stress could be impacting your kids we’ll look at that later this week we’re back first this is funny noises sorry it’s contagious you

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