Pair charged over alleged murder in Hackham West



October 02, 2019 07:33:19

A man and a woman have been charged with the murder of a man in a park in Adelaide’s southern suburbs.

Key points:

  • Shaun Thomas Russell was found dead in a Hackham West park on Saturday
  • A man and a woman were announced as suspects on Monday
  • They were arrested and charged with murder last night

Police and STAR Group officers arrested Robert Joseph Patard, 42, and Jessica Elizabeth Gianoni, 34, in the northern Adelaide suburb of Waterloo Corner last night.

The couple, from Albert Park, was taken to the city watch house and charged with the murder of Shaun Thomas Russell, 36, this morning.

They are expected to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court today.

Mr Russell’s body was found in a Hackham West park on Saturday afternoon.

Police also seized a blue 2005 Holden Commodore and a grey caravan for forensic testing.

Earlier police had asked the public to look for a vehicle of the same description, saying it could be in the northern suburbs or the Yorke Peninsula.

Police had announced Mr Patard and Ms Gianoni as suspects on Monday and released images of them.

Yesterday, Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said officers spoke to Mr Patard and Ms Gianoni on the day of the alleged murder but he would not say if it was before or after the crime.

Their image was caught on a police body camera.

«It’s not unreasonable that police officers may come across a person who has committed a crime, but without any forewarning it’s difficult to take action without that information,» Mr Stevens said.

Police are still looking for anyone who saw a couple arguing on Honeypot Road, near the Hackham West park, to come forward.











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