I Worked Out Like A Fitness Guru For 6 Weeks


I’m already out of breath it’s only 30 minutes I’m tired I have a sort of love-hate relationship with working out I’m lazy but I always feel better after I go to the gym when I heard about Kayla it signs she is a very popular fitness guru on Instagram she is over like 11 million followers her main sell on her fitness program is the fact that it’s only 28 minutes and you have the option of doing it from home so I wanted to see if you could actually get results from doing a home workout and what her like program actually consisted of and I guess number 3 if I could cancel my gym membership I think one of the biggest challenges doing this for six weeks would be eating better I sort of have like a salt tooth so I love eating like chips and just salty snacks and like taco bell and things that aren’t necessarily good for you that are full of sodium so I wanted to see if this program could help me feel less bloated on top of trying to get toned as well so the program I selected to do on Kayla’s app called sweat was a program called bikini body guide which he calls vbg and essentially that’s a 28-minute program that focuses on strength and cardio exercises I was a little skeptical that working out just for 28 minutes a day would prove like actual results so I was kind of just curious to try it myself I actually reached out to Kayla and her team to learn a little bit more of the logistics behind a program Kayla told BuzzFeed if we are realistic many women do not have time to be working out for hours every day and exercise seems to be the first thing we drop when our schedule gets too busy our than focusing on the length of the workout I like to focus on the effectiveness by reducing the length you can implement it into everyday life and make it part of your daily routine which seemed achievable to me and some I definitely wanted to try so there is two sections in the sweat app when you download it one is if you want to do these exercises at the gym but since I wanted to try this at home I selected the home workout option you need a yoga mat a foam roller some sort of stool or chair you can step on to do like up and down the steps forget what it’s called and weights but they are optional and then the last thing you need is a water bottle so one of the most confusing parts of the app for me was looking at the meal calendar I misinterpreted the calendar as something I had to strictly follow when it was just sort of meant to be a diet so I started week one and I was feeling very motivated I had gone grocery shopping I had all the equipment I needed all I needed to do was start the exercises everything is all set up down here so we’ll see how much it kicks my ass today I started with a leg day and I didn’t stretch beforehand so that was my first mistake I was so sore the next day that it hurt to sit down it hurt to walk it hurt to do anything other than like sit still and try not to move my muscles and that’s when I realized just how out of shape I was I had planned to do another one of her resistance workouts the following day but I was too sore to do anything at all so instead I chose to do a cardio day even though my legs were sore I still kind of powered through it and got outside and hiked it’s actually really nice day out so I’m already out of breath I feel like it’s a testament to how I just what I am right now but I’m good to go all the way up and all the way back down and that should be about 45 minutes so let’s do it the second challenge for me on the first week was the food so normally when I came home from work I would just kind of go overboard on things like pasta or bread or anything that had carbs but I kind of tried to stick with the calendar first week and one of the things I ended up food prepping for dinner was the quinoa tortilla soup which was actually pretty good the second thing that was hard for me to transition was how I snacked at work I would usually go into the canteen any like crackers or chips I had just kind of swap out those habits and instead eat like a banana or eat some yogurt or a few almonds and it wasn’t as bad as I thought but I still was really craving cheese so when I started a week to I thought it would be somewhat easier than week one but I was still really really sore just completed the ABS workout and I’m sweaty I’m tired it’s hard it’s harder and you think we see her doing the Exorcism app she makes it look so easy but I knew I was getting a good workout in so I just stuck with it I also noticed that I was hungrier than previous weeks I still stuck with the meals that the app was recommending me but I’m not perfect so I ate some crackers and cookies here and there even though I had switched from going to the gym to bringing the gym into my living room it was still a really challenging workout there were times when I would finish those 28 minutes resistance exercises and just being covered in sweat or I would finish 45 35 minutes of cardio and just come home with like a soaking wet tank top I felt good mentally after an exercise but I guess I just didn’t realize how impactful these workouts would be by week three I wasn’t seeing a big physical difference in terms of how toned I was but I noticed a huge mental difference I liked having the option of going straight home from work doing a workout immediately go shower and not waste time getting into my car driving home in traffic that sort of thing even if there were days I didn’t necessarily want to do these ab exercises I still made myself do them anyway because it’s only thirty minutes only half an hour it’s gonna end soon it’s like sitting on the couch and watching an episode of a sitcom I noticed it was becoming increasingly easier to make healthy food choices especially because I was meal prepping I found snacks that I really enjoyed eating and felt that I wasn’t like taking away anything that I enjoyed other than cheese but I still had these healthy snack options I could eat if I was hungry but the holidays were coming up and I knew that was gonna be a challenge because one of the things I loved doing during the holidays is eating and drinking especially if you’re in like a family or social setting I think one of the hidden benefits of doing Kayla’s program was the fact that it could come with you the fact that I could just take it from one home to another home made it easy to continue doing when I started week five this was the point where I began to notice very subtle changes for instance in the very during week one I could only do about ten mountain climbers before I had to stop and catch my breath I wait five I could do 25 mountain climbers before stopping and taking a quick break and then doing 25 more I was also noticing that I was becoming a little bit more toned definitely less bloated because I cut out so much sodium and like prepackaged food and I think it was a combination of eating healthier not necessarily eating less for just eating more good food combined with the cardio and the resistance it was for sure showing so week six rolled around and I was feeling pretty good about myself so I decided to compare a photo I’d taken in the very beginning to one at the beginning of week six and I definitely noticed that I am way less bloated I feel like I have more strength and toned and like my stomach and my arms and overall I was just feeling really good mentally I think coming home after work and giving myself a 30-minute break just to exercise was a good sort of mental health break that I needed and my body also needed so that was something I feel like I learned through this program in the beginning I think I was a little bit skeptical about how Kayla’s program would work for me at home using no gym equipment so I was very very surprised when I saw the before and after pictures the biggest difference I think I noticed was in my arms and in my ABS just from the way I was not toned before Kayla really helped me become more toned over these six weeks but there’s also a huge huge difference in the way felt mentally it was almost like a relief and feeling refreshed too and a night and like more relaxed mood even though I challenged myself to do Kayla’s program for six weeks I still continued to do some of the resistance exercises at home especially if I am going out somewhere after work but I have to come home first I’m always just like well I can you know fit in a 30-minute exercise take a quick shower change and be on my way to go throughout the rest of my evening if you are like me and are sort of lazy when it comes to going to the gym or maybe you just don’t want to do membership or hate going to the gym consider an at-home fitness program like the sweat app because you don’t have to deal with the hassle of people are waiting for equipment or parking and all the other things that come along with going to the gym when you can just do it from the comfort of your own home you

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